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Are you a factory or distributor?

We are original fiber optic cable factory with 15 production line. Our founder team are all from ZTT, Hengtong, YOFC, Huamai etc, You can benefit from our rich experience in advanced fiber manufacturing technology and strict quality control.

What is your terms of payment?

For new customers, usually do 30% advantage payment and balance T/T & L/C involve cable at sight & D/P at sight before shipping.
For long time cooperation, we also do L/C in 30 days,in 60 days, in 90 days, and also O/A. Because our company VIP of China Express & import insurance company.
Details need to confirm with the sales manager who service you.

What is your fiber optic cables warranty?

All fiber optic cables from our factory are coming with 2 years warranty on the receipt. You can contact to [email protected] with details, You will usually get answered in 24 hours.  

Can I get Free Sample?

The answer is yes, For the sample in stock, We will send it at the same day, If not, We will send samples in 4-7 days usually.  

Why choose Oriental Fiber manufacturer?

Oriental Fiber = Quality Raw Material + Advanced Technology + High Test Standard + Always Fast Response

  • Oriental Fiber has the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment in the world;
  • Oriental Fiber Provides OEM services for many world-renowned brands and has a wealth of OEM experience;
  • Oriental Fiber could produce a full range of optical fiber cable and optical fiber connectors;
  • Oriental Fiber has more competitive prices than peers.

How about the Package for Outdoor and Indoor Cable?

Robust Package for Safe Delivery

Each single length of cable shall be reeled on wooden Drum suitable for long-distance shipment.

Indoor and FTTH drop cable are packed in small drum and packed in carton individually. Then cartons in one pallet.

What is the Shipment and Lead Time for Bulk Fiber Cable Orders?

Packing Details1 to 5km per Roll. Packed by Steel Drum, or as per Request
Sheath MarkPrinting Content:
Supplier: Xuben or as customer required
Standard Code: (Product Type, Fiber Type, Fiber Count)
Year of manufacture: such as 2023
Length marking in each meter.
Dispatch PortShanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo or other Ports in China
Estimated Lead Time1 to 300km at 15 working days
301 to 500km at 25 working days
501 to 1,000km at 45 working days


What is the difference between external fiber cable and indoor fiber cable?

Indoor cables:

  • Fiber cables can be divided into indoor and outdoor according to different use environments.
  • The indoor optical cable is a kind of optical cable formed by optical fiber (optical transmission carrier) through a specific process. It mainly consists of optical fibers (glass filaments as thin as hair), plastic protective sheaths, and plastic casings.
  • There is no gold, silver, copper, or aluminum in the optical cable, and it generally has no recycling value.
  • The indoor optical cable is a kind of communication line that is formed by a certain number of optical fibers in a certain way, and some are wrapped with a sheath or an outer sheath to realize optical signal transmission.
  • Indoor fiber optic cables have low tensile strength and poor protection but are more portable and economical. Indoor optical cables are mainly used for building wiring connections between network equipment.

Characteristics of indoor optical cable:

  • Indoor optical cables have low tensile strength and a poorer protective layer, but they are relatively light and more economical. 
  • The indoor optical cable is mainly suitable for horizontal wiring and backbone subsystems. 
  • Outdoor optical cables have higher tensile strength and a thicker protective layer and are generally packaged with armor. 
  • Outdoor optical cables are primarily used in building complex subsystems and can be used on the occasions such as outdoor burial, pipeline, overhead and underwater laying, and other events.

Outdoor Fiber Cable:

  • Outdoor optical cables are optical cables for outdoor use. The comparison is the indoor optical cable. 
  • Outdoor optical cables are communication lines used for optical signal transmission.
  • A certain number of optical fibers form a cable core in a certain way, with an inner jacket and an outer jacket.

Features of the outdoor optical cable :

  • It mainly consists of optical fibers (glass filaments as thin as hair), plastic protective sheaths, and plastic casings. 
  • There is no gold, silver, copper, or aluminum in the optical cable, and it generally has no recycling value. 
  • Outdoor optical cables have higher tensile strength and thicker protective layers and are usually armored (that is, covered with metal skin). 
  • Outdoor fiber optic cables are mainly used for interconnection between buildings and remote networks.

How to Choose Fiber Optic Cables based on Bend Radius?

The bend radius of the fiber optic cable is critical for installation. Factors that affect the minimum radius of a fiber optic cable include outer jacket thickness, material ductility, and core diameter. 

To protect the integrity and performance of the cable, we cannot bend it beyond its allowable radius. In general, if bend radius is a concern, bend-insensitive fiber is recommended, allowing easy cable management and reducing signal loss and cable damage when the cable is bent or twisted. Below is the bend radius chart.

Fiber Cable TypeMinimum Bend Radius

What is Fiber & Loose tube color code?


What makes our fiber optic cables set apart?

We are working well in the following parts in making fiber optic cables

  1. Correct and excellent structural design.
  2. The best match of a dozen raw materials is combined.
  3. Experienced and excellent production technology.
  4. Unique protective packaging design for international transportation.

What is parameters of different types of fiber in fiber optic cable?

Fiber TypeOS1OM1OM2OM3OM4
Attenuation Coefficient (+20°C)@850nm/≤3.0 dB/km≤3.0 dB/km≤3.0 dB/km≤3.0 dB/km
@1300nm/≤1.5 dB/km≤1.5 dB/km≤1.5 dB/km≤1.5 dB/km
@1310nm≤0.36 dB/km////
@1500nm≤0.22 dB/km////
OFL Bandwidth@850nm/≥200 MHz · km≥500 MHz · km≥1500 MHz · km≥3500 MHz · km
@1300nm/≥500 MHz · km≥500 MHz · km≥500 MHz · km≥500 MHz · km
Numerical Value/0.275±0.015 NA0.200±0.015 NA0.200±0.015 NA0.200±0.015 NA
Cable Cut-off Wavelength≤1260 nm////

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